Air Head – the world’s most compact composting toilet!

The environmentally friendly solution in the camper, on the boat and elsewhere.




Dimensions and details

How the Air Head works


The toilet bowl is designed to collect liquid and solid in two separate containers. The urine is collected in an opaque tank and can be easily removed to the front for emptying. Urine only begins to smell unpleasant when it comes into contact with water. Since the Air Head works without water, these odors can not even arise during operation of the Air Head.
The solids container is filled with a dissolved coconut fiber block before first use. After use, the solids are mixed with the coconut fibers by a manual agitator. An electric fan, permanently ventilates the solids container, ensuring that the contents dry out. Dry solids do not develop unpleasant odors.

With normal use of the toilet by two people, the urine tank must be emptied approx. every one to two days and the solids tank approx. every 2-4 weeks. The toilet bowl can be cleaned after use with diluted vinegar essence (1:10) from a spray bottle, avoid liquid getting into the solids container during cleaning.

These are the advantages of the Air Head

Icon ecological


The Air Head does not require water for flushing,
no chemicals in the waste holding tank and there are no
unpleasant odors between the emptying cycles
as well as during the emptying process itself.

Icon high quality


Due to the materials used, the effect
the Air Head particularly robust and valuable.
All metal parts used are
made of stainless steel.

Icon comfortable


The Air Head acts like a real toilet.
Especially by the standard toilet seat,
you have a very high seating comfort.
Both seat and lid are
provided with a rubber seal.

Icon compact


The Air Head has a small footprint
and can also be installed in
be accommodated in the smallest of spaces.
The design is extremely practical, which makes it easy to use.
the smallest dry separation toilet with compost function
on the market and, at 8.5kg, also the lightest.

Icon variable


The choice of two different toilet seats
and choices when mounting the crank
and the fan make the installation extremely flexible.
For particularly confined installation situations, a
smaller urine tank available, which is connected at the front with the
Toilet bowl closes.

Icon durable


The Air Head has been on the market since 2001,
was continuously further developed
and has since proven itself thousands of times over.
We provide a five-year warranty on them.

The Air Head can be configured almost arbitrarily

Seat size

Comparison standard and marine seat

Standard or Marine

With the standard seat is more comfortable and the space required for the toilet. With the marine seat, the toilet can be installed in confined conditions.

Urine tank

Comparison 7l and 3l original tank

7 liters or 3 liters

With normal use of the toilet by two people, the urine tank must be emptied approximately every two days. With the small urine tank, the toilet can be stored in a space-saving way.

Solids tank

Comparison solids tank straight and beveled

Straight or beveled

In most applications, the straight design is the best choice. The beveled version adapts to the shape of the hull when installed in the boat.

Crank position

Comparison of crank position right or left

Right or left

Intuitively, the right-hand position is best for right-handers. If the space conditions require it, the crank can also be ordered on the left.

Exhaust air hose

Comparison exhaust air hose

Right or left

The exhaust hose can be mounted on both sides of the toilet bowl. If the space conditions require it, a 90 degree set is also available with which the exhaust hose can be mounted at an angle.

Fan housing

Fan comparison

Straight or angled

The fan itself is mounted in a housing directly on an external wall. Depending on the installation situation, there is a straight or angled fan housing to choose from.

Standard toilet seat with straight solid tank and 7 liter urine tank

Dimensions Air Head Toilet Standard Seat

Basic dimensions: standard seat with 7l urine tank – 480mm x 505mm x 480mm (W x H x D)
Basic dimensions: standard seat with 3l urine tank – 480mm x 505mm x 445mm (W x H x D)
Weight: Standard with all accessories 10.5 kg

Marine toilet seat with beveled solid tank and 3 liter urine tank

Dimensions Air Head Toilet Marine Seat

Basic dimensions: Marine seat with 7l urine tank – 480mm x 505mm x 440mm (W x H x D)
Basic dimensions marine seat with 3l urine tank – 480mm x 505mm x 405mm (W x H x D)
Weight: Marine with all accessories 10.0kg

Product details

Material: plastic/stainless steel
Urine tank capacity: 7 liters or 3 liters
Solids tank capacity: 18 liters
Fan: 12 Volt / 60 mA / 0.72 Watt (conversion to 24 Volt possible)
Exhaust air hose diameter: approx. 48 mm
Fan housing: outer diameter 125 mm / inner diameter 90 mm / height 70 mm

      Designed in USA – Made in EUROPE

      The Air Head composting toilet was launched in the USA in 2001 and has been continuously developed ever since. Since 2020, the toilet has been manufactured for the European market in a dedicated plant in Portugal.