What makes the Air Head dry separation composting toilet so unique?

The system that has proven itself for more than 20 years!

At the end of the 1990s, Geoff Trott developed a composting toilet in the USA for use in the smallest of spaces. The Air Head dry separation composting toilet! It was the first fully self-contained composting system on the market.

Since then, thousands of Air Head toilets have been installed on at least five continents. At the beginning we concentrated on the application possibilities on yachts and boats. But for several years now, our composting toilets have been found in everything from mobile homes to allotments without water or electricity.

We are especially proud that our vision has become the preferred solution for many people who want to travel and live with less environmental impact.

We believe that our years of experience and commitment set us apart from the companies that have decided to imitate our technology. There are many differences that make our design more attractive.

On the Air Head you sit on a standard toilet seat!


It is the only composting toilet that has a toilet seat with household dimensions and the highest seating comfort.

Only the Air Head has a seal on both the toilet seat and the lid. Thus, when closed, insects and moisture (for example, when showering) can not enter the toilet. Likewise, any odors that may arise cannot escape from the toilet.

The Air Head has a flap over the solids tank!

The flap above the solids container is designed so that when the flap is closed, urine is always directed into the urine container, regardless of where it hits. It also ensures that you cannot see into the solids tank.

The urine container of the Air Head can be easily removed to the front for emptying!

To remove the urine container, only the two wing screws need to be loosened. This makes the Air Head the only toilet on the market that does not require a flap, lid or the entire toilet to be opened.

The Air Head toilet has an exhaust function in the bowl!


The Air Head is the only composting toilet on the market to feature air extraction through three vents in the rear upper portion of the bowl. Thus, this area is also permanently vented.

In the exhaust system of the Air Head, the fan is the last component before the outer wall, there is negative pressure in the entire system, thus no odor is noticeable when opening the lid. Also during use, all odors are transported directly outside.

The Air Head is the only composting toilet to feature a round solids tank!

Due to the round solids tank, the Air Head can be mounted at any angle to save space and can also be rotated if desired.

With the optionally available plastic base plate, the rotatable installation can be easily realized. When turned 90° away, the Air Head takes up less space than any other composting toilet.

The scope of delivery of the Air Head includes a lid for the solids tank!

The Air Head is the only composting toilet that comes with a lid for the solids bin. This is convenient and makes the emptying process more pleasant.