We will also be happy to convert your vehicle to a composting toilet. We carry out the conversion professionally in our workshop in order to offer the best service.

The basic price for installing an Air Head toilet in your motorhome starts from 650.00 euros. This included removing the existing chemical toilet, disconnecting the water and electricity pipes and professionally installing the Air Head toilet. We also manufacture and install a matching panel made of white laminated wood to close the opening created by the removal of the chemical toilet. For added convenience, we also install a 12-volt switch with LED for a fan that can be switched off.

Not included in this price is the Air Head toilet and, if required, additional material such as a space-saving exhaust air connection or an external cover for the fan.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, in person here in Hofheim or via the contact form on the right.

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