How do I install an Air Head composting toilet?

The scope of delivery of the Air Head toilet already includes everything needed for installation and commissioning.

  • Solid tank with agitator and crank handle
  • Lid for solids tank
  • Toilet bowl with seat and lid
  • Urine container with lid
  • Insect screen for air intake in the bowl
  • Exhaust connection for the bowl
  • Four stainless steel mounting brackets with eight screws
  • 50 bowl liners and a coconut fiber block
  • 12V fan in fan housing and six screws
  • Gasket for the fan housing
  • approx. 1.5 m exhaust hose
  • Insect screen for the exhaust air hose

Not included is an external cover for the vent, as each vehicle requires an individual solution.

Step by step guide

Step 1 - Set up

Place the Air Head in its designated location. Check that it is level and that the lid and crank can be operated without problems.

Step 2 - Mark

Mark the position of the four mounting brackets for the solids tank and the urine tank.

Loosen the four thumbscrews on the mounting brackets and carefully lift the Air Head so that the brackets remain at the marked locations. Mark the position of the screws.

Step 5 - Attaching the mounting brackets

Screw the mounting brackets to the previously marked positions.

Step 6 - Check

Attach the toilet and check that everything fits properly.

Step 7 - Fasten insect screen

Place the ring with the mosquito net in the exhaust opening of the bowl, to which the exhaust hose is not connected….

Step 8 - Mounting the sleeve for the exhaust hose

Attach the collar for the exhaust hose to the opposite hole on the bowl:

1. pull the O-ring to the wide end of the cuff.
Insert the cuff into the hole.
Glue the supplied gray PVC ring to the inserted end of the cuff with PVC glue or a good superglue.
After the glue has dried, push the O-ring back towards the bowl. The cuff should now fit tightly and rotate.

Step 9 - Drill a hole for ventilation

Drill a hole for ventilation to the outside. The diameter can be between 60 mm and 90 mm. You can use an existing hole if it is within these dimensions.

Step 10 - Attaching a cover

Install a separately available vent cover on the outside of the vehicle to prevent water intrusion. For example, a gill plate or a SOG bleed kit. An existing SOG set can also be used; to do this, only the opening for the exhaust air hose must be enlarged.

Step 11 - Attaching the fan housing

Insert the fan into the fan housing and secure the fan housing with the screws provided and the gasket in between.

Step 12 - Install the second insect net

Place the second insect screen in the end of the exhaust hose connected to the sleeve in the bowl.

Step 13 - Laying the exhaust air hose

Connect the exhaust hose at the collar on the toilet bowl on one side to the fan housing on the other side.

Step 14 - Connect fan

Connect the fan to a 12 V battery, with an appropriate fuse in the middle. You can also install a switch.

We are also happy to install an Air Head toilet in your motorhome. You can find more information You.

For detailed instructions ...

... download here the assembly instructions.