Air Head Standard Toilet


Product Highlights:

  • Composting function due to integrated agitator
  • Rotatable mountable
  • Airtight and watertight due to rubber seals on seat and lid
  • Venting also in the bowl, thus no odor nuisance
  • Standard, comfortable toilet seat
  • Conveniently removable liquid bottle to the front
  • Including lid for the solid tank

We are also happy to install an Air Head toilet in your motorhome. You can find more information here: INSTALLATION SERVICE

When ordering please specify and configure your individual Air Head composting toilet.

We recommend:

  • The crank on the right side, because the right-handed person intuitively grips to the right.
  • The large liquid bottle.

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Ecological – durable – sustainable

Advantages of Air Head Toilet

    • Compared to other toilet systems, the Air Head toilet requires no water for flushing, no chemicals in the holding tank, and there are no unpleasant odors between emptying cycles as well as during emptying itself.
    • Small footprint, easy installation and robust and durable due to the simple technology – 5-year warranty.
    • The Air Head acts like a real toilet, especially with the standard toilet seat. It is the only dry separation toilet with a real toilet seat, this leads to a high seating comfort. Both the seat and the lid are equipped with a rubber seal.
    • The materials used make the Air Head look particularly high quality.
    • The Air Head toilet has been on the market since 2001, has been continuously developed and has proven itself thousands of times over.
    • The design is extremely practical, making it the smallest dry separation toilet with compost function on the market and also the lightest at 8.5 kg (toilet only, without accessories)
    • The Air Head can be mounted very close to a back wall, the toilet bowl is placed on the solid tank via a bayonet lock and does not need to be removed backwards, upwards and to the side.
    • Due to its round shape, the Air Head can also be installed at an angle or rotated.
    • To empty the solids bin, a lid included in the scope of delivery is placed on the bayonet catch.
    • The solid bin is very handy with its 31cm in diameter.
    • A smaller liquids bottle, which is flush with the toilet bowl at the front, is available for particularly tight installation situations.
    • For installation in a boat on the outside of the hull, the solid tank can also be ordered hullshaped to save valuable space.
    • The opaque urine bottle can be removed directly to the front, and the toilet bowl does not have to be lifted or removed for this purpose. This enables a simple, regular emptying process of the urine bottle.
    • Optional connection to an external tank is available.
    • The fan housing is available with either a straight or right-angled outlet.
    • A 24 volt fan version is available.
    • By mounting the fan in its own housing on the outer wall, no electrical connection needs to be disconnected to empty the solids bin.
    • The Air Head has no urine tank holders in which water or dirt could collect and is therefore also optimally suited for use in a wet room with integrated shower.
    • All metal parts used are made of stainless steel.
    • We grant a five-year guarantee

What’s included:

    • Solid tank with agitator and crank handle
    • Solids tank lid
    • Toilet bowl with seat and lid, including insect screen
    • Liquid bottle with a cap
    • 12V fan in fan housing and 6 screws
    • Gasket for fan housing
    • 1.5m exhaust hose
    • Hose sleeve with internal thread for connection to the bowl, incl. Insect screen
    • Ventilation grille for the air intake on the toilet bowl
    • 4 stainless steel mounting brackets and 8 screws
    • 1 coco brick
    • 50 paper bowl liners (paper liners that prevent the bowl from getting dirty)

Downloads: Installation instructions Operating instructions

Additional information

Weight 10,5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 38,5 × 50,5 cm

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